Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Comprehensive State Insurance Plan

Political Subdivision Tax Levy To Pay Contributions

2-9-212. Political subdivision tax levy to pay contributions. (1) Subject to 15-10-420 and subsection (2) of this section, a political subdivision, except for a school district, may levy an annual property tax in the amount necessary to fund the contribution for insurance, deductible reserve fund, and self-insurance reserve fund as authorized in this section and to pay the principal and interest on bonds or notes issued pursuant to 2-9-211(5). For the purposes of this section, "political subdivision" includes a community college district created prior to January 1, 2021.

(2) (a) If a political subdivision makes contributions for group benefits under 2-18-703, the amount in excess of the base contribution as determined under 2-18-703(4)(c) for group benefits under 2-18-703 is not subject to the mill levy calculation limitation provided for in 15-10-420. Levies implemented under this section must be calculated separately from the mill levies calculated under 15-10-420 and are not subject to the inflation factor described in 15-10-420(1)(a).

(i) Contributions for group benefits paid wholly or in part from user charges generated by proprietary funds, as defined by generally accepted accounting principles, are not included in the amount exempted from the mill levy calculation limitation provided for in 15-10-420.

(ii) If tax-billing software is capable, the county treasurer shall list separately the cumulative mill levy or dollar amount on the tax notice sent to each taxpayer under 15-16-101(2). The amount must also be reported to the department of administration pursuant to 7-6-4003. The mill levy must be described as the permissive medical levy.

(b) Each year prior to implementing a levy under subsection (2)(a), after notice of the hearing given under 7-1-2121 or 7-1-4127, a public hearing must be held regarding any proposed increases.

(c) A levy under this section in the previous year may not be included in the amount of property taxes that a governmental entity is authorized to levy for the purposes of determining the amount that the governmental entity may assess under the provisions of 15-10-420(1)(a). When a levy under this section decreases or is no longer levied, the revenue may not be combined with the revenue determined in 15-10-420(1)(a).

(3) (a) For the purposes of this section, "group benefits" means group hospitalization, health, medical, surgical, life, and other similar and related group benefits provided to officers and employees of political subdivisions, including flexible spending account benefits and payments in lieu of group benefits.

(b) The term does not include casualty insurance as defined in 33-1-206, marine insurance as authorized in 33-1-209 and 33-1-221 through 33-1-229, property insurance as defined in 33-1-210, surety insurance as defined in 33-1-211, and title insurance as defined in 33-1-212.

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