Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. General Provisions Related to Official Bonds

Conditions, Form, And Signatures

2-9-504. Conditions, form, and signatures. (1) The condition of an official bond must be that the principal shall well, truly, and faithfully perform all official duties required of the principal by law and also any additional duties that may be imposed on the principal by any law of the state subsequently enacted and that the principal will account for, pay over, and deliver to the person or officer entitled to receive all money or other property that the principal receives as an officer.

(2) The principal and sureties upon an official bond are liable for the neglect, default, or misconduct in office of any deputy, clerk, or employee appointed or employed by the principal.

(3) Official bonds must be signed and executed by the principal and two or more sureties or by the principal and one or more surety companies organized under the laws of this state or licensed to do business in this state.

(4) Official bonds must be joint and several and made payable to the state of Montana in the amount and with the conditions required by this part or the law creating or regulating the duties of the office.

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