Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. General Provisions Related to Official Bonds

Defects Not To Affect Liability

2-9-512. Defects not to affect liability. (1) If an official bond does not contain the substantial matter or conditions required by law or there are any defects in the approval or filing of the bond, it is not void so as to discharge the officer and sureties. The sureties are equitably bound to the state or party interested, and the state or the party may, by action in any court of competent jurisdiction, suggest the defect in the bond, approval, or filing and recover the proper and equitable demand or damages from the officer and the persons who intended to become and were included as sureties in the bond.

(2) An official bond entered into by an officer or a bond, recognizance, or written undertaking taken by an officer in the discharge of the duties of office is not void for want of form, substance, recital, or condition or the principal or surety be discharged. The principal and surety must be bound by the bond, recognizance, or written undertaking to the full extent contemplated by the law requiring the bond and the sureties to the amount specified in the bond, recognizance, or written undertaking. In all actions on a defective bond, recognizance, or written undertaking, the plaintiff or relator may suggest the defect in the complaint and recover to the same extent as if the bond, recognizance, or written undertaking were perfect in all respects.

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