Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 31. Department of Livestock

Additional Powers And Duties Of Livestock Loss Board

2-15-3113. Additional powers and duties of livestock loss board. (1) The livestock loss board shall:

(a) process claims;

(b) seek information necessary to ensure that claim documentation is complete;

(c) provide payments authorized by the board for confirmed and probable livestock losses, along with a written explanation of payment;

(d) submit monthly and annual reports to the board of livestock summarizing claims and expenditures and the results of action taken on claims and maintain files of all claims received, including supporting documentation;

(e) provide information to the board of livestock regarding appealed claims and implement any decision by the board;

(f) prepare the annual budget for the board; and

(g) provide proper documentation of staff time and expenditures.

(2) The livestock loss board may enter into an agreement with any Montana tribe, if the tribe has adopted a wolf, mountain lion, or grizzly bear management plan for reservation lands that is consistent with the state wolf, mountain lion, or grizzly bear management plan, to provide that tribal lands within reservation boundaries are eligible for livestock loss reduction program grants pursuant to 2-15-3111.

(3) The livestock loss board shall:

(a) coordinate and share information with state, federal, and tribal officials, livestock producers, nongovernmental organizations, and the general public in an effort to reduce livestock losses caused by wolves, mountain lions, and grizzly bears;

(b) establish an annual budget for the prevention, mitigation, and reimbursement of livestock losses caused by wolves, mountain lions, and grizzly bears;

(c) perform or contract for the performance of periodic program audits and reviews of program expenditures, including payments to individuals, incorporated entities, and producers who receive loss reduction grants and reimbursement payments;

(d) adjudicate appeals of claims;

(e) investigate alternative or enhanced funding sources, including possible agreements with public entities and private wildlife or livestock organizations that have active livestock loss reimbursement programs in place;

(f) meet as necessary to conduct business; and

(g) report annually to the governor, the legislature in accordance with 5-11-210, members of the Montana congressional delegation, the board of livestock, the fish and wildlife commission, and the public regarding results of the programs established in 2-15-3111 through 2-15-3113.

(4) The livestock loss board may sell or auction any carcasses or parts of carcasses from wolves or mountain lions received pursuant to 87-1-217. The proceeds, minus the costs of the sale including the preparation of the carcass or part of the carcass for sale, must be deposited into the livestock loss reduction and mitigation special revenue account established in 81-1-110 and used for the purposes of 2-15-3111 through 2-15-3114.

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