Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 5. Vacancy and Succession

Filling Vacancies -- Recess Appointments

2-16-506. Filling vacancies -- recess appointments. (1) When any office becomes vacant and no mode is provided by law for filling the vacancy, the governor shall fill the vacancy by appointing a qualified person to fill the unexpired term of the person whose office became vacant.

(2) If the legislature or one house of the legislature must confirm an appointment of a person appointed by the governor to fill a vacancy, the governor may appoint the person to assume office before the legislature meets in its next regular session to consider the appointment. A person so appointed is vested with all the functions of the office upon assuming the office and is a de jure officer, notwithstanding the fact that the legislature has not yet confirmed the appointment. If the legislature does not confirm the appointment, the governor shall make a new appointment to fill the unexpired term.

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