Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 5. Information Technology -- Internet Privacy

Information Technology Project Budget Summary

2-17-526. Information technology project budget summary. (1) (a) The office of budget and program planning, in cooperation with the department, shall prepare a statewide summary of:

(i) proposed major new information technology projects contained in the state budget; and

(ii) proposed major information technology projects impacting another state agency or branch of government to be funded within the current operating budgets, including replacement of or upgrade to existing systems.

(b) The office of budget and program planning and the department shall jointly determine the criteria for classifying a project as a major information technology project.

(2) The information technology project summary must include:

(a) a listing by institution, agency, or branch of all proposed major information technology projects described in subsection (1). Each proposed project included on the list must include:

(i) a description of what would be accomplished by completing the project;

(ii) a list of the existing information technology applications for all branches of government that may be impacted by the project;

(iii) an estimate, prepared in consultation with the impacted agencies, of the costs and resource impacts on existing information technology applications;

(iv) the estimated cost of the project;

(v) the source for funding the project, including funds within an existing operating budget or a new budget request; and

(vi) the estimated cost of operating information technology systems.

(b) a listing of internal service rates proposed for providing information technology services. Each internal service rate included on the list must include:

(i) a description of the services provided; and

(ii) a breakdown, aggregated by fund type, of requests included in the state budget to support the rate.

(c) any other information as determined by the budget director or the department or as requested by the governor or the legislature.

(3) The information technology project summary must be presented to the legislative fiscal analyst in accordance with 17-7-111(4).

History: En. Sec. 18, Ch. 313, L. 2001; amd. Sec. 1, Ch. 106, L. 2005.