Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 6. Leave Time

Annual Vacation Leave

2-18-611. Annual vacation leave. (1) Each permanent full-time employee shall earn annual vacation leave credits from the first day of employment. Vacation leave credits earned must be credited at the end of each pay period. However, employees are not entitled to any vacation leave with pay until they have been continuously employed for a period of 6 calendar months.

(2) Seasonal employees earn vacation credits. However, seasonal employees must be employed for 6 qualifying months before they may use the vacation credits. In order to qualify, seasonal employees shall immediately report back for work when operations resume in order to avoid a break in service.

(3) Permanent part-time employees are entitled to prorated annual vacation benefits if they have worked the qualifying period.

(4) An employee may not accrue annual vacation leave credits while in a leave-without-pay status.

(5) Temporary employees earn vacation leave credits but may not use the credits until after working for 6 qualifying months.

(6) A short-term worker or a student intern, as both terms are defined in 2-18-601, may not earn vacation leave credits, and time worked as a short-term worker or as a student intern does not apply toward the person's rate of earning vacation leave credits.

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