Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 10. Grievance Procedures

Classification Or Compensation Grievance -- Retaliation -- Hearing On Complaint

2-18-1011. Classification or compensation grievance -- retaliation -- hearing on complaint. (1) An employee or the employee's representative affected by the implementation of parts 1 through 3 of this chapter is entitled to file a complaint with the board of personnel appeals provided for in 2-15-1705 and to be heard under the provisions of a grievance procedure to be prescribed by the board.

(2) Direct or indirect interference, restraint, coercion, or retaliation by an employee's supervisor or the agency for which the employee works or by any other agency of state government against an employee because the employee has filed or attempted to file a complaint with the board is also a basis for a complaint and entitles the employee to file a complaint with the board and to be heard under the provisions of the grievance procedure prescribed by the board.

(3) An action that attempts to revise the determination of an employee's classification and that involves an employee exercising a right conferred by 2-18-1011 through 2-18-1013 in a way that would adversely affect the employee prior to final resolution or entry of a final order with respect to the action is presumed to be interference, restraint, coercion, or retaliation prohibited by subsection (2) unless the review was commenced or scheduled prior to filing of the appeal and was not prompted by the grievance appealed from. The presumption is rebuttable.

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