Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. General Provisions

Number And Location Of Justices' Courts -- Authorization To Combine With City Court -- Justice's Court Of Record

3-10-101. Number and location of justices' courts -- authorization to combine with city court -- justice's court of record. (1) There must be at least one justice's court in each county of the state, which must be located at the county seat. The board of county commissioners shall designate the number of justices in each justice's court.

(2) The board of county commissioners of each county of the state may establish:

(a) one additional justice's court located anywhere in the county; and

(b) one additional justice's court located in each city having a population of over 5,000, as provided in subsection (3).

(3) A city having a population of over 5,000 may, by resolution, request the board of county commissioners to constitute a justice's court in the city. A justice's court must be established in the city if the board of county commissioners approves the request by resolution.

(4) A justice of the peace of a court established pursuant to subsection (3) may act as the city judge upon passage of a city ordinance authorizing the action and upon approval of the ordinance by resolution of the board of county commissioners. If the ordinance and resolution are passed, the city and the county shall enter into an agreement for proportionate payment of the justice's salary, as established under 3-10-207 and 3-11-202, and for proportionate reimbursement for the use of facilities.

(5) A county may establish the justice's court as a court of record. If the justice's court is established as a court of record, it must be known as a "justice's court of record" and, in addition to the provisions of this chapter, is also subject to the provisions of 3-10-115 and 3-10-116. The court's proceedings must be recorded by electronic recording or stenographic transcription and all papers filed in a proceeding must be included in the record. A justice's court of record may be established by a resolution of the county commissioners or pursuant to 7-5-131 through 7-5-135 and 7-5-137.

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