Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Compensation and Expenses of Members and Officers

Compensation And Expenses When Legislature Not In Session

5-2-302. Compensation and expenses when legislature not in session. When the legislature is not in session, a member of the legislature, while engaged in legislative business with prior authorization of the appropriate funding authority, is entitled to:

(1) a mileage allowance as provided in 2-18-503;

(2) expenses as provided in 2-18-501 and 2-18-502; and

(3) a salary equal to one full day's pay at the rate described in 5-2-301(1) for each 24-hour period of time (from midnight to midnight), or portion of a 24-hour period, spent on authorized interim[, interim budget,] or administrative committee legislative business or as otherwise provided by law. However, if time spent for business other than authorized legislative interim[, interim budget,] or administrative committee business or business related to 5-11-305 results in lengthening a legislator's stay away from home into an additional 24-hour period, the legislator may not be compensated for the additional day. (Bracketed language terminates December 31, 2025--sec. 12, Ch. 525, L. 2021.)

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