Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Compensation and Expenses of Members and Officers

Compensation And Expenses When Legislature Not In Session

5-2-302. Compensation and expenses when legislature not in session. When the legislature is not in session, a member of the legislature, while engaged in legislative business with prior authorization of the appropriate funding authority, is entitled to:

(1) a mileage allowance as provided in 2-18-503;

(2) expenses as provided in 2-18-501 and 2-18-502; and

(3) a salary equal to one full day's pay at the rate described in 5-2-301(1) for each 24-hour period of time (from midnight to midnight), or portion of a 24-hour period, spent on authorized interim, interim budget, or administrative committee legislative business or as otherwise provided by law. However, if time spent for business other than authorized legislative interim, interim budget, or administrative committee business or business related to 5-11-305 results in lengthening a legislator's stay away from home into an additional 24-hour period, the legislator may not be compensated for the additional day.

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