Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 2. Fiscal Notes in Legislative Bills

Estimate Of Fiscal Impact On Local Government Required

5-4-210. Estimate of fiscal impact on local government required. (1) A bill that, if enacted, may require a local government unit to perform an activity or provide a service or facility that requires a direct expenditure of additional funds without a specific means to finance the activity, service, or facility in violation of 1-2-112 or 1-2-113 must be accompanied, at the time that the bill is presented for introduction to the chief clerk of the house of representatives or the secretary of the senate, by an estimate of all direct and indirect fiscal impacts on a local government unit. The estimate of fiscal impacts must be prepared by the budget director in cooperation with a local government unit affected by the bill. The budget director has 10 days to prepare the estimate.

(2) The estimate must show in dollar amounts the increase in expenditures that may be required by the bill. Comment or opinion relative to the merits of the bill may not be included in the estimate. However, technical or mechanical defects may be noted. Upon completion of the estimate, the budget director shall submit the estimate to the requestor of the bill.

History: En. Sec. 4, Ch. 416, L. 1995.