Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Organization -- Interim Committees

Economic Affairs Interim Committee

5-5-223. Economic affairs interim committee. (1) The economic affairs interim committee has administrative rule review, draft legislation review, program evaluation, and monitoring functions for the following executive branch agencies and the entities attached to agencies for administrative purposes:

(a) department of agriculture;

(b) department of commerce;

(c) department of labor and industry;

(d) department of livestock;

(e) office of the state auditor and insurance commissioner;

(f) office of economic development;

(g) the state compensation insurance fund provided for in 39-71-2313, including the board of directors of the state compensation insurance fund established in 2-15-1019;

(h) the division of banking and financial institutions provided for in 32-1-211; and

(i) the divisions of the department of revenue that administer the Montana Alcoholic Beverage Code and the Montana Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act.

(2) The state compensation insurance fund shall annually provide to the committee a report in accordance with 5-11-210 on its budget as approved by the state compensation insurance fund board of directors.

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