Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Composition -- Powers and Duties -- Personnel

Functional Organization And Responsibilities

5-11-112. Functional organization and responsibilities. (1) The legislative council may establish a functional organization within the legislative services division in order to effectively and efficiently carry out all of the responsibilities delegated to the division by law or legislative rule. The responsibilities of the legislative services division include the following:

(a) document services:

(i) bill drafting and preparation for introduction;

(ii) engrossing and enrolling;

(iii) distribution of legislative bills and information;

(iv) coordination of legislative printing; and

(v) publication of legislative records;

(b) research and reference services:

(i) general and specialized legislative research; and

(ii) legislative reference and information;

(c) legal services:

(i) legal review of draft bills;

(ii) legal counseling on legislative matters;

(iii) legal support for consolidated entities; and

(iv) support for the functions of the code commissioner provided in 1-11-201;

(d) committee services:

(i) research, legal, and administrative staff support for consolidated committees as assigned, including support for interim committees organized under Title 5, chapter 5, part 2; and

(ii) research and legal support for legislative standing and select committees;

(e) broadcasting services, in accordance with Title 5, chapter 11, part 11;

(f) management and business services:

(i) financial records;

(ii) claims and payrolls;

(iii) coordination of procurement of printing, supplies, and equipment; and

(iv) maintenance of property inventories;

(g) personnel and administrative services:

(i) rules for classification and pay; and

(ii) personnel and administrative policies; and

(h) information technology services:

(i) legislative branch network support services;

(ii) application support and development;

(iii) communications support and coordination; and

(iv) information technology planning.

(2) The responsibilities of the legislative services division must be fulfilled collaboratively with consolidated entities whenever the efficient operation of the legislative branch is served.

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