Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Legislative Auditor

Audit Standards And Objectives

5-13-308. Audit standards and objectives. The objectives of financial compliance, performance, and information system audits of state agencies or their programs conducted by the legislative auditor are formulated, defined, and conducted in accordance with industry standards established for auditing to determine whether:

(1) the agency is carrying out only those activities or programs authorized by the legislature and is conducting them efficiently, effectively, and in accordance with legislative intent;

(2) expenditures are made only in furtherance of authorized activities and in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations;

(3) the agency collects and accounts properly for all revenues and receipts arising from its activities;

(4) the assets, including information technology, of the agency or in its custody are adequately safeguarded and controlled and utilized in an efficient manner;

(5) reports and financial statements by the agency to the governor, the legislature, and central control agencies disclose fully the nature and scope of the activities conducted and provide a proper basis for evaluating the agency's operations.

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