Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Composition, Terms, and Officers

Appointment And Composition

5-16-101. Appointment and composition. The environmental quality council consists of 17 members as follows:

(1) the governor or the governor's designated representative is an ex officio member of the council and shall participate in council meetings as a nonvoting member;

(2) six members of the senate and six members of the house of representatives appointed before the 50th legislative day in the same manner as standing committees of the respective houses are appointed. Four of the appointees of each house must be members of the majority party and two appointees of each house must be members of the minority party.

(3) four members of the general public. Two public members must be appointed by the speaker of the house with the consent of the house minority leader, and two must be appointed by the president of the senate with the consent of the senate minority leader.

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