Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 41. Municipalities

Mail Notice

7-1-4129. Mail notice. (1) Unless otherwise specifically provided, when a municipality is required to give notice of a hearing or other official act by mail, the requirement may be met by:

(a) deposit of the notice properly addressed in the United States mail with postage paid at the first-class rate;

(b) sending the notice by certified mail rather than first class; or

(c) mailing the notice at the bulk rate instead of first class when notice is to be given by mail to 200 or more electors or residents of a municipality.

(2) The notice shall contain:

(a) the date, time, and place at which the hearing or other action will be taken;

(b) a brief statement of the action to be taken;

(c) the address and telephone number of the person who can be contacted for further information on the action to be taken; and

(d) any other information required by the specific section requiring mail notice.

(3) When notice by mail is required, the requirement shall apply only to persons whose addresses are known.

History: En. Sec. 5, Ch. 455, L. 1979; amd. Sec. 1, Ch. 11, L. 1989.