Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. General Provisions

Election Of Commission Members -- Appointments

7-3-176. Election of commission members -- appointments. (1) An election to fill the positions on the local government study commission must be held in accordance with 7-3-174. A primary election may not be held.

(2) The names of study commission candidates who have filed declarations of nomination not later than the filing deadline established in 13-1-403 must be placed on the ballot. There is no filing fee. The election is nonpartisan, and candidates must be listed without party or other designation or slogan. The secretary of state shall prescribe the ballot form for study commissioners.

(3) Candidates for study commission positions must be electors of the local government for which the study commission has been established. The candidates may not be elected officials of the local government.

(4) The number of candidates, equal to the number of study commission positions to be elected, receiving the highest number of votes, which includes votes cast for candidates who have officially filed nominations and votes for write-in candidates, must be declared elected. If there is a tie vote among candidates, the governing body shall decide by lot which candidate will fill the position.

(5) If the number of candidates filing for election is equal to or less than the number of positions to be filled, the election administrator and governing body shall proceed in accordance with 13-1-403(4) and (5). If the number of study commissioners elected is not equal to the number required to be selected, the presiding officer of the governing body, with the confirmation of the governing body, shall appoint the additional study commissioners within 20 days after the election. An elected official of the local government may not be appointed.

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