Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 21. County Commissioners

Division Of County Into Commissioner Districts

7-4-2102. Division of county into commissioner districts. (1) In each county of the state, following each federal decennial census, the board of county commissioners shall divide their respective counties into as many commissioner districts as there are county commissioners and ensure that the districts are as compact and equal in population and area as possible. The apportionment may take place at any time for the purpose of equalizing in population and area the commissioner districts. However, a commissioner district may not at any time be changed to affect the term of office of any county commissioner who has been elected. A change in the boundaries of any commissioner district may not be made between the date that falls 6 months before a county commissioner primary election and the date of the general election.

(2) The district judge or judges of the county shall review the action of the commissioners to determine whether or not the action meets the requirements of this section.

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