Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 22. County Officers in General

County Officers

7-4-2203. County officers. (1) There may be elected or appointed the following county officers, who shall possess the qualifications for suffrage prescribed by the Montana constitution and other qualifications as may be prescribed by law:

(a) one county attorney;

(b) one clerk of the district court;

(c) one county clerk;

(d) one sheriff;

(e) one treasurer;

(f) one auditor if authorized by 7-6-2401;

(g) one county superintendent of schools;

(h) one county surveyor;

(i) one assessor;

(j) one coroner;

(k) one public administrator; and

(l) at least one justice of the peace.

(2) The commissioners may appoint at their discretion constables. More than one constable may be appointed for each justice's court.

(3) All elective township officers may be elected at each general election as now provided by law.

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