Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 22. County Officers in General

Inspection Of Official Bonds

7-4-2213. Inspection of official bonds. (1) At a regular meeting of the board of county commissioners in March and September of each year, the board of county commissioners shall carefully examine all official bonds of all county and township officials then in force and effect and investigate the qualifications and financial condition and liability of all sureties on the bonds and their sufficiency.

(2) If it appears to the satisfaction of the board or a majority of the members of the board that any surety upon any bond has, since the approval and acceptance of the bond, died or withdrawn, left the state, disposed of all of the surety's property in this state, or become mentally ill, insolvent, financially embarrassed, or not good and responsible for the amount of the liability on the bond, the board shall immediately cause the clerk of the board to notify in writing the judge of the district court of that district of its action and conclusion and all facts in connection with and the reasons for the action.

(3) The judge shall take notice of and investigate the matter and take steps, by order to show cause or other order, citation, step, or action, as may be necessary to make the bond good and sufficient according to the requirements of law and ample security for the amount of the bond.

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