Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 25. Compensation and Official Fees

Collection And Disposal Of Fees

7-4-2511. Collection and disposal of fees. (1) Each salaried county officer shall charge and collect for the use of the county and pay into the county treasury by the 10th day in each month all fees allowed by law, paid or chargeable in all cases, except as provided in 25-10-403. This subsection does not apply to the compensation received by the sheriff as mileage while in the performance of official duties or for the board of prisoners or other persons while in the sheriff's custody.

(2) A salaried county officer may not receive for the officer's own use any fees, penalties, or emoluments of any kind, except the salary as provided by law, for any official service rendered. Unless otherwise provided, all fees, penalties, and emoluments of every kind collected by a salaried county officer are for the sole use of the county and must be accounted for and paid to the county treasurer as provided by subsection (1) and credited to the general fund of the county.

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