Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 26. Office of County Clerk

Liability Of Clerk Relating To Duties As Recorder

7-4-2623. Liability of clerk relating to duties as recorder. A county clerk is liable to the party aggrieved for three times the amount of the damages that may result and is punishable as provided in this code if the county clerk to whom an instrument is delivered for record:

(1) neglects or refuses to record the instrument within reasonable time after receipt;

(2) falsely records an instrument or records an instrument in any other manner than as directed in this part;

(3) neglects or refuses to keep in the clerk's office indexes that are required by this part or to make the proper entries in the indexes; or

(4) alters, changes, or obliterates any records deposited in the clerk's office or inserts any new matter in the records.

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