Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 28. Office of County Surveyor

Duties Related To Roads And Bridges

7-4-2812. Duties related to roads and bridges. (1) The board of county commissioners may assign responsibility for the supervision and direction of all highways, bridges, and causeways within the county to a county surveyor or to a county road superintendent. The board may allocate the duties between the surveyor and the superintendent.

(2) The duties are to:

(a) keep all highways and bridges free and clear of all obstructions;

(b) grade, maintain, and repair all highways;

(c) construct, maintain, and repair all bridges and causeways;

(d) make all surveys;

(e) establish grades;

(f) prepare plans, specifications, and estimates;

(g) keep accurate cost data;

(h) approve all claims against the county for all highway, bridge, and causeway construction, maintenance, and repair, prior to presentation to the board of county commissioners;

(i) employ and assign deputies and staff;

(j) purchase and secure all highway and bridge machinery and machinery equipment and tools to be used upon highways and bridges, with the approval of the board;

(k) purchase and secure all highway, bridge, and causeway supplies and materials, with the approval of the board;

(l) from time to time, make reports and estimates of all matters relating to highways and bridges when required by the board; and

(m) perform other duties required by law.

(3) The surveyor must receive the annual salary provided by law for salaried county surveyors and other county officials.

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