Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 29. Office of County Coroner

Coroner Education And Continuing Education

7-4-2905. Coroner education and continuing education. (1) Coroner education must be approved by the Montana public safety officer standards and training council established in 2-15-2029. The council may adopt rules establishing standards and procedures for basic and advanced education. The cost of conducting the education must be borne by the department of justice from money appropriated for the education. The county shall pay the salary, mileage, and per diem of each coroner-elect, coroner, and deputy coroner attending from that county.

(2) (a) The council shall approve a 40-hour basic coroner course of study after each general election. The course, or an equivalent course approved by the council, must be completed before the first Monday in January following the election. The council may approve other basic coroner courses at times it considers appropriate.

(b) The council shall approve a 16-hour continuing coroner education course. Unless there are exigent circumstances, failure of any coroner or deputy coroner to satisfactorily complete the 16-hour continuing coroner education course, or an equivalent course approved by the council, at least once every 2 years results in forfeiture of office. The council may adopt rules providing a procedure to extend the 2-year period because of exigent circumstances.

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