Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 21. Conduct of County Government

Publication Of Board Proceedings And Annual Financial Statement

7-5-2123. Publication of board proceedings and annual financial statement. (1) (a) The board of county commissioners has jurisdiction and power, under the limitations and restrictions prescribed by law, to publish in a newspaper at the adjournment of each session of the board, in full and complete detail or in summary form or by reference, with the full and complete text made available on request, a complete list of all claims ordered paid for all purposes, showing the name, purpose, and amount, and a fair summary of the minutes and records of all of its proceedings.

(b) The board may publish the county clerk's annual statement of the financial condition of the county, in full and complete detail or in summary form. If the board does not publish the annual statement in complete detail or in summary form, it shall publish a notice that the annual statement is available and will be provided upon request from the county clerk.

(2) Publication in full, in summary, or by reference of the minutes and records of proceedings must be made within 21 days after the adjournment of the session. Publication of the financial statement or notice of the availability of the financial statement must be made within 30 days after the presentation of the financial statement to the board. The board may not allow or order paid any claim for any publication of minutes and records of proceedings or annual financial statement unless the publication is made within the time prescribed in this subsection.

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