Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 41. Conduct of Municipal Government

Powers And Duties Of Mayor Related To Administration And Executive Function

7-5-4102. Powers and duties of mayor related to administration and executive function. (1) The mayor may:

(a) communicate to the council, at the beginning of each session and more often if considered necessary, a statement of the affairs of the city or town, with recommendations that the mayor considers proper;

(b) recommend to the council measures connected with the public health, cleanliness, and ornament of the city or town and the improvement of the government and finances that the mayor considers expedient;

(c) call special meetings of the council;

(d) cause to be presented, once in 3 months, a full statement of the financial condition of the city or town;

(e) bid for the city or town on any property sold at a tax or judicial sale whenever the city or town is an interested party;

(f) procure and have in the mayor's custody the seal of the city or town;

(g) take and administer oaths;

(h) perform other duties that may be prescribed by law or by resolution or ordinance of the council.

(2) The mayor is the presiding officer of the council and shall sign the journals of the council and all warrants on the city treasury and decide all ties by vote. The mayor has no other vote.

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