Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 41. Conduct of Municipal Government

Membership In Organizations Of Municipal Officers

7-5-4141. Membership in organizations of municipal officers. (1) The governing body of a city or town may pay:

(a) the membership fees and dues in any organization of city and town officials when the purpose of the organization is improvement of laws relating to city and town government and their better and more economical administration; and

(b) the necessary expenses of any regular officer or employee of the city or town in attending any convention or meeting of such organization upon the direction of the governing body by order upon its minutes, stating that the public interest requires such attendance.

(2) The payment of membership fees, dues, and/or expenses is to be made from such fund of the city or town as the governing body shall direct in the order, with the claim presented, audited, and allowed as are other claims against the city or town.

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