Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 21. Office of County Treasurer

Duties Of County Treasurer

7-6-2111. Duties of county treasurer. The county treasurer shall:

(1) receive all money belonging to the county and all other money directed to be paid to the treasurer by law, safely keep the money, apply and pay the money out, and account for the money as required by law;

(2) keep an account of the receipt and expenditures of the money in books provided for the purpose, in which must be entered:

(a) the amount and the time when, from whom, and on what account all money was received;

(b) the amount and time when, to whom, and on what account all disbursements were made;

(3) keep books so that the amounts received and paid out on account of separate funds or specific appropriations are exhibited in separate and distinct accounts, with the whole receipts and expenditures shown in one general or cash account;

(4) disburse the county money only on county warrants issued by the county clerk, based on orders of the board of county commissioners, or as otherwise provided by law.

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