Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 22. General Provisions Related to Counties

Duties Of County Clerk Related To Finance

7-6-2202. Duties of county clerk related to finance. (1) The county clerk shall draw warrants on the county treasury in favor of all persons entitled to the warrants in payment:

(a) of all claims and demands chargeable against the county that have been legally examined, allowed, and ordered paid by the board of county commissioners; and

(b) for all debts and demands against the county when the amounts are fixed by law and are not directed to be audited by some other person or tribunal.

(2) The county clerk shall keep accounts current with the treasurer. When any person deposits with the county treasurer any money paid into the treasury, the county clerk must be furnished by the treasurer with a duplicate of the receipt issued to the person. The duplicate receipt must be filed in the office of the county clerk, and the county clerk shall charge the treasurer with the amount of the deposit.

(3) The county clerk shall make the annual statement prescribed by the department of administration.

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