Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 44. Municipal Taxation

Authorization To Exceed Or Impose Less Than Maximum Mill Levy -- Election Required To Exceed

7-6-4431. Authorization to exceed or impose less than maximum mill levy -- election required to exceed. The governing body of a municipality may raise money by taxation for the support of municipal government services, facilities, or other capital projects in excess of the levy allowed by 15-10-420 under the following conditions:

(1) The governing body shall pass a resolution indicating its intent to exceed the current statutory mill levy limit on the approval of a majority of the qualified electors voting in an election under subsection (2). The resolution must include:

(a) the specific purpose for which the additional money will be used;

(b) the specific dollar amount to be raised; and

(c) the approximate number of mills required.

(2) The governing body shall submit the question of the additional mill levy to the qualified electors of the municipality at an election as provided in 15-10-425. The question may not be submitted more than once in any calendar year. If the majority of voters voting on the question is in favor of the additional levy or levies, the governing body is authorized to impose the mill levy in the amount specified in the resolution.

(3) An election is not required for a governing body to impose less than the maximum number of mills or to carry forward authorization to impose the maximum number of mills in a subsequent tax year as provided in 15-10-420(1)(b).

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