Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. General Provisions Related to Local Governments

Investment Of Sinking Funds Of Local Governments

7-7-123. Investment of sinking funds of local governments. (1) (a) Except as provided in 7-7-124 and whenever outstanding bonds cannot be purchased pursuant to 7-7-2270 or 7-7-4270, the board of county commissioners of a county and the council or commission of a city or town shall invest so much of the bond sinking funds of the county, city, or town as are not needed for the payment of bonds or interest coupons in general obligation bonds or securities of the United States; state bonds or securities; time or savings deposits; county, city, or school district bonds; county or city warrants; or other bonds or securities that are supported by general taxation, except irrigation district bonds and special improvement district or maintenance district bonds or warrants.

(b) All those bonds, securities, or time or savings deposits must be due and payable at least 60 days before the obligations for the payment of which the sinking fund was established are due and payable.

(2) The bonds, securities, and any time or savings deposits in which any sinking funds are invested must be kept in the custody of the county or city treasurer or town clerk and held for the benefit of the county, city, or town. The treasurer shall properly protect the bonds, securities, and any time or savings deposits by insurance, the use of safety deposit boxes, or other means, the expense of which is a proper charge against the county, city, or town.

(3) All money derived from interest on sinking fund investments as authorized by this section must be credited by the treasurer of the county or city or the town clerk to the sinking fund for which the investment was made.

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