Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 41. General Provisions Related to Municipalities

Purposes For Which Indebtedness May Be Incurred

7-7-4101. Purposes for which indebtedness may be incurred. The city or town council has power to contract an indebtedness on behalf of a city or town, upon the credit of the city or town, by borrowing money, issuing bonds, issuing notes, entering into leases, entering into lease-purchase agreements, or entering into installment purchase contracts for the following purposes:

(1) acquiring land for and designing and erecting public buildings;

(2) acquiring land for and designing and constructing sewers, sewage treatment and disposal plants, waterworks, reservoirs, reservoir sites, and lighting plants;

(3) supplying the city or town with water by contract and the construction or purchase of canals or ditches and water rights for supplying the city or town with water;

(4) designing and constructing bridges, docks, wharves, breakwaters, piers, jetties, and moles;

(5) acquiring, opening, or widening any street and improving the street by constructing, reconstructing, and repairing pavement, gutters, curbs, and vehicle parking strips and to pay all or any portion of the cost relating to the project;

(6) purchasing or leasing fire apparatus, street and other equipment, and personal property, including without limitation, vehicles, telephone systems, and photocopy and office equipment, including computer hardware and software;

(7) building, purchasing, designing, constructing, and maintaining devices intended to protect the safety of the public from open ditches carrying irrigation or other water;

(8) funding outstanding warrants and maturing bonds; and

(9) repaying tax protests lost by the city, town, or other municipal corporation.

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