Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 21. Rural Improvement Districts

Payment Of Maintenance Costs -- Resolution For Assessment And For Change Of Boundaries -- Assessment For Administrative Costs

7-12-2161. Payment of maintenance costs -- resolution for assessment and for change of boundaries -- assessment for administrative costs. (1) The board of county commissioners shall estimate, as near as practicable, the cost of maintaining, preserving, or repairing the improvements in each district for each year beginning January 1 or another time as may appear necessary.

(2) The board may, before the first Monday in September of each year, pass and finally adopt a resolution levying and assessing all the property within the district with an amount equal to the whole cost of maintaining, preserving, or repairing the improvements within the district. An assessment authorized by the board must be proportioned as provided in 7-12-2108. In lieu of an assessment, the board shall otherwise provide for the whole cost of maintaining, preserving, or repairing the improvements in the district.

(3) The resolution levying assessments to defray the cost of maintenance, preservation, or repair of improvements must be prepared and certified to in substantially the same manner as a resolution levying assessments for making, constructing, and installing the improvements in the special improvement district.

(4) The board may change by resolution, not more than once a year, the boundaries of any maintenance district.

(5) The board shall include in the estimated cost of maintaining the district the lesser of $500 or 5% of the annual assessment of the district. The amount determined by the board under this subsection is to defray the costs incurred by the county in administering the maintenance district and is a cost of maintenance. The board shall annually pay the amount determined under this subsection to the county treasurer for deposit in the county general fund.

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