Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 41. Special Improvement Districts

Resolution Creating Special Improvement District

7-12-4114. Resolution creating special improvement district. (1) The council may order proposed improvements after:

(a) no protests have been delivered to the clerk of the city council within the time prescribed in 7-12-4110 after the date of the first publication of the notice of the passing of the resolution of intention;

(b) a protest has been found to be insufficient or has been overruled;

(c) a protest against the extent of the proposed district has been heard and denied; or

(d) a resolution creating the district following receipt of a petition as provided in 7-12-4102(3) has been passed.

(2) Before ordering any of the proposed improvements, the council shall pass a resolution creating the special improvement district in accordance with the resolution of intention introduced and passed by the council.

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