Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 22. County Water and/or Sewer Districts

Hearing On Petition -- Protest

7-13-2206. Hearing on petition -- protest. (1) At the time for the hearing, the board of county commissioners shall hear the petition and those appearing thereon, together with such written protests as shall have been filed with the county clerk and recorder prior to such hearing by or on behalf of owners of taxable property situated within the boundaries of the proposed district within the county. The board of county commissioners may adjourn such hearing from time to time, not exceeding 4 weeks in all.

(2) Upon such hearing of said petition, the board of county commissioners shall determine whether or not said petition complies with the requirements of the provisions of this part and part 23 and for that purpose must hear all competent and relevant testimony offered in support of or in opposition thereto. Such determination shall be entered upon the minutes of said board of county commissioners.

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