Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 22. County Water and/or Sewer Districts

General Powers Of Water And/or Sewer District

7-13-2217. General powers of water and/or sewer district. (1) Any district incorporated as provided in this part and part 23 shall have power to:

(a) have perpetual succession;

(b) sue and be sued, except as otherwise provided herein or by law, in all actions and proceedings in all courts and tribunals of competent jurisdiction;

(c) adopt a seal and alter it at pleasure;

(d) take by grant, purchase, gift, devise, or lease and to hold, use, enjoy, and to lease or dispose of real and personal property of every kind, within or without the district, necessary to the full exercise of its powers; and

(e) make contracts, employ labor, and do all acts necessary for the full exercise of the foregoing powers.

(2) The powers enumerated in this part and part 23 shall, except as otherwise provided in this part and part 23, be exercised by the board of directors.

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