Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 22. County Water and/or Sewer Districts

Duties Of Administrative Personnel

7-13-2278. Duties of administrative personnel. (1) The general manager has full charge and control of the maintenance, operation, and construction of all works and systems of the district, with full power and authority to employ and discharge all employees and assistants at pleasure and prescribe their duties, and shall, subject to the approval of the board of directors, fix their compensation. The general manager shall ensure that the district establishes and maintains a system of auditing and accounting that shows the financial condition of the district, draw or cause the secretary to draw warrants to pay demands made against the district that have been first approved by at least three members of the board and the general manager, and perform other duties that may be imposed by the board. The general manager shall report to the board in accordance with rules that it may adopt.

(2) The secretary shall countersign all contracts on behalf of the district and perform other duties that may be imposed by the board.

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