Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Urban Transportation Districts

Procedure To Be Included In District Or To Remove An Addition To A District

7-14-241. Procedure to be included in district or to remove an addition to a district. (1) A real property owner may petition to have that owner's property included in a district. The addition of the real property owner's property must be approved by a majority vote of the transportation board.

(2) An area added to a district pursuant to this part may be removed if the area does not directly receive transportation services from the district and 51% of the qualified voters in the area sign a petition requesting to be removed from the district. The removal of the area is effective 60 days after submission of the petition to the transportation board unless within that time, it is determined that the petition contains insufficient signatures for removal of the area. An insufficient petition must be returned to the petitioners, who may resubmit a corrected version within 90 days.

(3) (a) All property within any addition to a district is subject to all existing indebtedness of the district.

(b) Property within an area removed from a district is not subject to the district's existing indebtedness if the area was added to the district within 5 years of the date on which the petition for removal was submitted to the transportation board.

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