Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 41. General Provisions Related to Municipal Trafficways and Public Grounds

Power To Order Certain Improvements Without Creation Of Special Improvement District

7-14-4109. Power to order certain improvements without creation of special improvement district. (1) Without the formation of a special improvement district, the city council may order sidewalks, curbs, or gutters constructed in front of any lot or parcel of land and may order alley approaches constructed or replaced adjacent to any lot or parcel of land.

(2) Whenever the council orders a sidewalk, curb, or gutter constructed or an alley approach constructed or replaced, the order must be entered upon the minutes of the council and must name the street along which the sidewalk, curb, or gutter is to be constructed or along which the alley approach is to be constructed or replaced.

(3) After issuing an order, the council shall provide a written notice to the owner or agent of the owner and to any purchaser under contract for deed of the property or the owners or agents of all adjacent owners having access to their properties by the alley approach, as appropriate.

(4) If the owner or agent of the owner of a lot or parcel of land or if the owners or agents of all adjacent owners having access to their property by the alley approach fail or neglect for a period of 30 days after the date of service of the notice to cause the sidewalk, curb, or gutter to be constructed or to cause the alley approaches to be constructed or replaced, the city may construct or cause the sidewalk, curb, or gutter to be constructed or may construct or cause the alley approach to be constructed and shall assess the cost of those improvements, including engineering costs and the costs enumerated in 7-12-4121 and 7-12-4169, against the property in front of which those improvements are constructed or against the lots or parcels of land having access via the constructed alley approaches. The collection of the assessed costs is provided in 7-12-4181 through 7-12-4191.

(5) (a) When any sidewalk, curb, or gutter or alley approach is constructed by or under direction of the city council, payment for the construction must be made by special warrants or bonds in a form that is prescribed by ordinance or resolution and drawn against a fund to be known as the special sidewalk, curb, and gutter fund or the special alley approach fund. The council may provide for the payment of interest annually or semiannually. Except as otherwise expressly provided in 7-14-4110 and this section, the warrants or bonds that the city council authorizes may be issued subject to the terms and security provisions provided in Title 7, chapter 12, parts 41 and 42.

(b) The warrants drawn on the special alley approach fund shall bear interest at a rate pursuant to 17-5-102.

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