Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 42. Urban Renewal

Exercise Of Power Of Eminent Domain

7-15-4259. Exercise of power of eminent domain. (1) After the adoption by the local governing body of a resolution declaring that the acquisition of the real property described in the resolution is necessary for an urban renewal project under this part, a municipality may acquire by condemnation, as provided in Title 70, chapter 30, any interest in real property that it considers necessary for urban renewal.

(2) Condemnation for urban renewal of blighted areas, as defined in 7-15-4206(2)(a), (2)(h), (2)(k), or (2)(n), is a public use, and property already devoted to any other public use or acquired by the owner or the owner's predecessor in interest by eminent domain may be condemned for the purposes of this part.

(3) The award of compensation for real property taken for an urban renewal project may not be increased by reason of any increase in the value of the real property caused by the assembly, clearance, or reconstruction or proposed assembly, clearance, or reconstruction in the project area. An allowance may not be made for the improvements begun on real property after notice to the owner of the property of the institution of proceedings to condemn the property. Evidence is admissible bearing upon the unsanitary, unsafe, or substandard condition of the premises or the unlawful use of the premises.

(4) A city or town may not serve as a pass-through entity by using its power of eminent domain, as provided in Title 70, chapter 30, to obtain property with the intent to sell, lease, or provide the property to a private entity.

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