Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 21. County Weed Control

Powers And Duties Of Board

7-22-2109. Powers and duties of board. (1) In addition to any powers or duties established in the resolution creating a district weed board, the board may:

(a) supervise a coordinator and other employees and provide for their compensation;

(b) purchase herbicide, materials, and equipment and pay other operational costs necessary for implementing an effective noxious weed management program. The costs must be paid from the noxious weed fund.

(c) determine what herbicide, materials, or equipment may be made available to persons controlling weeds on their own land. The cost for the herbicide, materials, or equipment must be paid by the person and collected as provided in this part.

(d) enter into agreements with the department for the control and eradication of any new exotic plant species not previously established in the state that may render land unfit for agriculture, forestry, livestock, wildlife, or other beneficial use if the plant species spreads or threatens to spread into the state;

(e) enter into cost-share agreements for noxious weed management;

(f) enter into agreements with commercial applicators, as defined in 80-8-102, for the control of noxious weeds;

(g) request legal advice and services from the county attorney; and

(h) perform other activities relating to weed management.

(2) The board shall:

(a) administer the district's noxious weed management program;

(b) establish management criteria for noxious weeds on all land within the district; and

(c) make all reasonable efforts to develop and implement a noxious weed management program covering all land within the district owned or administered by a federal agency.

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