Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 21. County Weed Control

Cooperative Agreements

7-22-2151. Cooperative agreements. (1) A state agency that controls land within a district, including the department of transportation; the department of fish, wildlife, and parks; the department of corrections; the department of natural resources and conservation; and the university system, shall enter into a written agreement with the board. The agreement must specify mutual responsibilities for integrated noxious weed management on state-owned or state-controlled land within the district. The agreement must include the following:

(a) an integrated noxious weed management plan, which must be updated biennially;

(b) a noxious weed management goals statement;

(c) a specific plan of operations for the biennium, including a budget to implement the plan; and

(d) a provision requiring a biennial performance report by the board to the state weed coordinator in the department of agriculture, on a form to be provided by the state weed coordinator, regarding the success of the plan.

(2) The board and the governing body of each incorporated municipality within the district shall enter into a written agreement and shall cooperatively plan for the management of noxious weeds within the boundaries of the municipality. The board may implement management procedures described in the plan within the boundaries of the municipality for noxious weeds only. Control of nuisance weeds within the municipality remains the responsibility of the governing body of the municipality, as specified in 7-22-4101.

(3) A board may develop and carry out its noxious weed management program in cooperation with boards of other districts, with state and federal governments and their agencies, or with any person within the district. The board may enter into cooperative agreements with any of these parties.

(4) Each agency or entity listed in subsection (1) shall submit a statement or summary of all noxious weed actions that are subject to the agreement required under subsection (1) to the state weed coordinator and shall post a copy of the statement or summary on a state digital access system.

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