Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Reserve and Auxiliary Officers

Basic Training Program Required

7-32-214. Basic training program required. (1) A reserve officer may not be authorized to function as a representative of a law enforcement agency performing general law enforcement duties after 2 years from the original appointment unless the reserve officer has satisfactorily completed a minimum 88-hour basic training program that must include but need not be limited to the following course content:

(a) introduction and orientation--1 hour;

(b) police ethics and professionalism--1 hour;

(c) criminal law--4 hours;

(d) laws of arrest--4 hours;

(e) criminal evidence--4 hours;

(f) administration of criminal law--2 hours;

(g) communications, reports, and records--2 hours;

(h) crime investigations--3 hours;

(i) interviews and interrogations--2 hours;

(j) patrol procedures--6 hours;

(k) crisis intervention--4 hours;

(l) police human and community relations--3 hours;

(m) juvenile procedures--2 hours;

(n) defensive tactics--4 hours;

(o) crowd control tactics--4 hours;

(p) firearms training--30 hours;

(q) first aid--10 hours; and

(r) examination--2 hours.

(2) The law enforcement agency is responsible for training its reserve officers in accordance with minimum training standards established by the council.

History: En. 11-1852 by Sec. 2, Ch. 85, L. 1977; R.C.M. 1947, 11-1856(2),(3); amd. Sec. 11, Ch. 506, L. 2007.