Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 23. Powers of County Commissioners Related to Law Enforcement

Establishment Of Curfew -- Penalty

7-32-2302. Establishment of curfew -- penalty. (1) (a) The governing body of a county may adopt an ordinance that establishes a curfew hour after which minors will not be allowed abroad on the public streets, roadways, or lands of the county.

(b) The ordinance must contain a description of the area covered by the curfew and provide exceptions for approved activities. The curfew may be countywide or pertain to any portion of the county, including an unincorporated city or town. The curfew may not extend to any area within the boundaries of an incorporated city or town.

(2) It is the duty of any officer or official enforcing the laws of the state to enforce the provisions of this section.

(3) A person convicted of violating a curfew ordinance adopted under subsection (1) shall be punished by a fine in an amount not exceeding $75 or by a sentence of up to 10 hours of community service, or both. Absolute liability, as provided for in 45-2-104, is imposed for a violation of this section.

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