Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 21. Rural Fire Districts

Details Relating To Board Of Trustees Of Fire District -- Election -- Qualified Electors

7-33-2106. Details relating to board of trustees of fire district -- election -- qualified electors. (1) (a) The five trustees initially appointed by the county commissioners hold staggered terms of office until their successors are elected or appointed and qualified as provided in this section.

(b) The initial trustees' terms of office must be drawn by lot and include:

(i) 3 years for one trustee;

(ii) 2 years for two trustees; and

(iii) 1 year for two trustees.

(c) Upon expiration of the terms provided in subsection (1)(b), each subsequent trustee shall serve a 3-year term of office.

(d) A term of office begins on the date of the trustee's election or appointment.

(2) Trustee elections must be conducted in accordance with Title 13, chapter 1, part 5.

(3) An appointment to fill a vacancy occurring during the term of office of a trustee must be made by the county governing body and the appointee shall hold office until the next trustee election.

(4) An elector, as defined in 13-1-101, who resides in the district or any holder of title to lands within the district who presents a proof of payment of taxes on the lands at the polling place is eligible to vote in the election.

(5) Any person eligible to vote in the election may file a declaration of candidacy for the office of trustee. The declaration must be filed with the election administrator in the county conducting the election pursuant to 13-1-505 within the time period specified in 13-1-502.

(6) If there is not a candidate for one or more trustee offices, the board of county commissioners shall appoint one or more trustees as necessary to fill those offices. A trustee taking office pursuant to this subsection serves the trustee term of office as if that trustee had been elected.

(7) The trustees shall organize by choosing presiding officers and appointing one member to act as secretary.

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