Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 23. Fire Protection in Unincorporated Places

Organization Of Fire Company

7-33-2312. Organization of fire company. (1) A fire company organized pursuant to 7-33-2311 shall choose or elect a presiding officer, a secretary, and a treasurer and may establish and adopt bylaws and regulations and impose penalties, not exceeding $5 or expulsion, for each offense.

(2) A regularly organized fire department may adopt a department seal, stating the name of the particular fire department to which it belongs. The seal is under the control of and for the use of the secretary and must be affixed to exempt certificates, certificates of active membership, and other documents that the bylaws may provide. The secretary of a department having a seal shall take the constitutional oath of office and give a bond that the bylaws provide for the faithful performance of the secretary's duties.

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