Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 41. Municipal Fire Departments

Supplementary Volunteer Fire Department Authorized For Cities Of Second Class -- Voted Levy For Volunteer Firefighters' Disability Income Insurance Or Workers' Compensation Coverage

7-33-4109. Supplementary volunteer fire department authorized for cities of second class -- voted levy for volunteer firefighters' disability income insurance or workers' compensation coverage. (1) In addition to a paid department, the city council, city commission, or other governing body in cities of the second class may make provision for a volunteer fire department.

(2) The city commission or governing department is exempted from compliance with 7-33-4128 to the extent that section applies to the volunteer fire department by way of penalties and infringements.

(3) A volunteer is an enrolled member of the volunteer fire department, assists the paid fire department, and is eligible to serve only on the board of trustees of the fire department relief association of the city. However, not more than three volunteer members may be on the board of trustees. A person who is a volunteer for the purposes of this section is not entitled to receive a service pension.

(4) The governing body of the city may:

(a) pay an enrolled volunteer firefighter a minimum of $1 for attending a fire and a minimum of $1 for each hour or fraction of an hour after the first hour in active service at a fire or returning equipment to its proper place;

(b) subject to 15-10-425, levy a tax upon all property within a fire district for the purpose of buying disability income insurance coverage or workers' compensation coverage for the volunteer firefighters of the volunteer fire department as provided in 7-6-621.

(5) In attending fires, any volunteer shall act and serve under the supervision of the chief of the paid fire department.

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