Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Registrars

Precinct Register

13-2-116. Precinct register. (1) Except for mail ballot elections conducted under Title 13, chapter 19, the election administrator shall prepare from the certified statewide voter registration list a precinct register for each precinct in the county for use by the election judges. The register may be prepared no sooner than the Friday before each election and must contain an alphabetical list of the names, with addresses, of the legally registered electors and provisionally registered electors, a space for the signature of the elector, and other information as prescribed by the secretary of state.

(2) If some of the electors in a precinct are not eligible to receive all ballots at an election because of a combination of the elections of more than one political subdivision, the election administrator shall distinguish the names of those eligible for each ballot by whatever method will be clear and efficient.

(3) When several precincts have been combined at one polling place for an election, the election administrator may combine the electors from all precincts into one register or may provide separate registers for each precinct.

(4) Precinct registers need not be printed if the election will not be held.

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