Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Close of Registration

Close Of Regular Registration -- Notice -- Changes

13-2-301. Close of regular registration -- notice -- changes. (1) The election administrator shall:

(a) close regular registrations for 30 days before any election; and

(b) publish a notice specifying the day regular registrations will close and the availability of the late registration option provided for in 13-2-304 in a newspaper of general circulation in the county at least three times in the 4 weeks preceding the close of registration or broadcast a notice on radio or television as provided in 2-3-105 through 2-3-107, using the method the election administrator believes is best suited to reach the largest number of potential electors. The provisions of this subsection (1)(b) are fulfilled upon the third publication or broadcast of the notice.

(2) Information to be included in the notice must be prescribed by the secretary of state.

(3) An application for voter registration properly executed and postmarked on or before the day regular registration is closed must be accepted as a regular registration for 3 days after regular registration is closed under subsection (1)(a).

(4) An elector who misses the deadlines provided for in this section may register to vote or change the elector's voter information and vote in the election as provided in 13-2-304.

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