Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 5. Methods of Nomination Other Than by Primary Election

Signature Requirements For Petition

13-10-502. Signature requirements for petition. (1) The petition for nomination must be signed by electors residing within the state and district or political subdivision in which the officer or officers are to be elected. Each signature line must contain spaces for the signature, post-office address, and printed last name of the signer.

(2) The number of signatures must be 5% or more of the total vote cast for the successful candidate for the same office at the last general election.

(3) If the office sought is a new office or the boundaries of the district or political subdivision in which the election is to be held have changed since the last election for the office, the officer with whom nominations for the office sought are filed shall determine the number of signatures required for a petition of nomination for that office.

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